Financing Options


When it comes to financing our mobile and inline Reverse Osmosis filtration systems, Pure Water Industries recommends three different options:


  1. If you have an existing relationship with your bank, we highly recommend checking this option first.
  2. SBA Loans are available and have been obtained in the past. You can look into your options HERE!
  3. 3rd Party Equipment Leasing with Envision Capital. You can learn more about them below and fill out the form. Brett Allen with Envision Capital will contact you after he reviews your submission.


Envision CapitalAt different points in time during your business lifecycle it will be necessary to purchase, upgrade, improve upon, or replace various pieces of equipment. This is where our equipment finance products (equipment loans, equipment leases, working capital) provide a vehicle to anyone operating and growing a business.

Any of our business finance products will allow you to obtain and use the equipment you need right now, and prevent you from having to pay for the cost of the equipment upfront. You get to pay for up to 100% of the equipment over time with a fixed payment, competitive rate, and chosen term. Qualifying is easy with our single page business application.



  • 100% Financing – Including Soft Costs
  • Little or No Money Down
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • Work With Relationship Driven Equipment Finance Experts
  • Conserve Your Working Capital and Alternative Credit Lines
  • Maintain Cash Flow by Matching Benefits of Use to Cost
  • Potential Tax Benefits
  • Flexible Repayment Structures
  • Challenged Credit and Start-up Programs Available
  • Bundle Multiple Purchases
  • Upgrade to the Latest Technology

What Envision Capital Offers

  • Equipment Leasing – A rental agreement under which Envision Capital allows you to operate or otherwise make use of the equipment in exchange for periodic lease payments. 85% of all businesses lease or finance equipment. Learn more…
  • Equipment Loans – A purchase agreement under which Envision Capital holds a security interest in the equipment and allows you to operate and otherwise make use of the equipment in exchange for periodic loan payments. 85% of all businesses lease or finance equipment. Learn more…
  • Working Capital – A cash loan used to finance everyday operations of your business, including, but not limited to, equipment, inventory, overhead and expansion. One big advantage is that you choose how the money gets used. Learn more…
  • Vendor Financing – Finance programs are developed for referral partners (manufacturers, product resellers, distributors) to enable their customers to acquire equipment now and finance payments over time. This assists the vendor to overcome price objections and, ultimately, close more sales. Learn more…

“Ryan recently handled a few equipment leases for my company Velvet Beauty Studio. He was extremely friendly, accessible, and professional and thorough. I recommend his services without hesitation and hope to do business with him again.” –  Criswell Abel President Velvet Beauty Studio, Inc.

“Hello, my name is Mauricio Albo and I am writing this letter in regards to Envision Capital Group LLC. I am very satisfied with the service and the professionalism of Jeff Edwards. I will be sure to recommend Envision Capital Group LLC and Jeff Edwards to my friends.”  –  Mauricio Albo President Quality Metals

“We have been working with Diego at Envision Capital Group for a few months now. “They are east to work with and are never afraid to get the more difficult transactions done, They approve and fund all our transactions in a timely fashion. Diego and ECG have made the financing process fast, easy, and thorough. It has been a pleasure dealing with Diego on the 2 vehicles we financed through Envision already. Envision has also just approved for us some additional equipment we need. Diego and Envision were always there to answer all of my questions. I am beyond impressed with Envision Capital Group.” –  Charles Stone Operations Manager A Flush Away